How Successful Entrepreneurs Choose a Target Market

In order to run a successful and prosperous business, you need to determine your target market first. Here is how experienced entrepreneurs choose a target market!


Choosing a target market right from the start is really important as it can mean the difference between running a successful and prosperous business and running an unsuccessful one. You can’t think of excuses such as I don’t have time to analyze and pick a target market, I don’t know how to pick a target market, and other common excuses. After all, you are the business owner and you are the one who will decide how you will run your business. We hope you want to run a successful business as we are going to present a few great and helpful tips from experienced entrepreneurs.

By following these tips, you will be able to choose a target market, audience, and potential shoppers:

  • The intensity and power of the target market’s pain – According to experts, it is easier to sell to people who are having a certain problem than to people to people who are having a passion or desire. What we are trying to say is that it is much simpler to provide a solution to people who are already experiencing a problem. Analyze and see if there is a solution you could offer to a certain group of people.
  • The value of the solution is a pain killer for your target group – Keep in mind – the better your solution is for your target market’s problem, the greater your chances of success. On the other side, if the solution you came up with is a partial fic, the chances of success are less than if it is a complete fix. We live in a competitive business environment and if you as a business can’t offer your customers the best solution, the best products, and the best services, you can’t expect to run a successful business.
  • Is the solution you offer better than the rivals’ for that target market – This is a really important question you should ask yourself. If you want to achieve great results and if you want your potential customers to buy your products constantly you should make sure that the solution you offer is better than the competition. Rarely does one brand offer a better solution than its rivals for all target markets. Let’s take Ferrari and Volvo for example. Both companies make great cars, but if you are looking to buy a family car, Volvo is definitely the brand for you, despite the beauty and luxury of the Italian sports car.
  • Can you conclude the sale – If you have already determined your target market but you can’t make the sale, it is simply useless and you need to do everything from the start. In order to save some time, ask yourself whether or not you can conclude a sale in a specific market. You need to consider whether you can reach the buyers and whether they will purchase from you. Keep in mind that you need to be realistic.
  • Is the market valuable – When determining your target market, you need to consider the value of the market. Is it broad enough to be worth spending time analyzing or is it small and without alternatives? Is it shrinking fast or not? The market you target should be growing, should be large, and offer you high margin shoppers.

That’s it. This is what you need to know in order to determine your target market. Follow these tips and determine your group of customers and buyers.

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